List of national parks of Japan

The National Parks (Japanese国立 公园, Kokuritsu - kōen ) in Japan are appointed by the Japanese Ministry of Environment. They should represent the most beautiful natural areas of Japan.

In addition to the national parks exist quasi- national parks ( kokutei kōen ,国 定 公园, literally " from the [ central ] government certain parks ") and the prefectural natural parks ( todōfukenritsu shizen kōen ,都 道 府 県 立 自然 公园). There are 30 national parks, 55 quasi- national parks and over 300 prefecture-level nature reserves. The 28 national parks covering an area of ​​20,911 km ², representing 5.4% of the total area of Japan.

The first three national parks, the Setonaikai National Park, the Unzen-Amakusa National Park and the Kirishima - Yaku National Park, were appointed in 1934.

List of national parks

The following are the national parks are sorted in descending order by price. In the national parks that are located on the island of Hokkaido, Hokkaido Prefecture, instead of their respective sub-prefectures were called.