List of notable asteroids

The following is a list of notable asteroids in our solar system. A list of all known asteroids in numerical order can be found at List of asteroids.

The largest known main belt asteroids and Jupiter Trojans

The number of asteroids is growing strongly, the smaller the size is. There are, for example 12 other main-belt asteroids with a diameter of 200-224 km.

In the solar neighborhood region ( up to 2.5 AU), there are only a few large asteroids. Only Vesta and Metis have made it to the above list.

Asteroids with large orbital inclination

Asteroids with orbital inclinations of about 90 ° move retrograde (decreasing, ie contrary to the prevailing in the solar system orbit direction) around the sun. It is only a small number of such asteroids known.

Asteroids with the same or similar names as planetary moons

Asteroids with companions


  • (45 ) Eugenia Petit -Prince and S/2004 (45 ) 1
  • (87 ) Sylvia with Romulus and Remus
  • (243 ) Ida with Dactyl
  • 1998 WW31 with S/2000 (1998 WW31 ) 1
  • 2000 DP107 with S/2000 (2000 DP107 ) 1