List of offshore wind farms

The list of offshore wind farms wind farms leads to (from two wind turbines, individual systems are listed separately ), standing in water, both on the coast ( nearshore ) and at sea (offshore). The list also includes the construction in progress and in planning offshore wind farms. The wind farms in each case the information name of the wind farm, year of commissioning, installed wind power capacity in the park ( in MW), used wind power plant type, the number of wind turbines and the location are called.

Wind farms

Systems, which are marked with an * are located in close proximity to the coast and are also called near- shore installations.

The list is sorted by waters. Within each category, the wind farms are initially divided into operated, under construction and planned wind farms. Then the wind farms according to their ( planned ) completion date and then in alphabetical order.


Irish Sea

North Sea


Baltic Sea


17 x 3 MW Sinovel 20 x Goldwind GW-109/2300 2 x CSIC HZ 5.0-154 Prototype

Individual wind turbines

This table includes individual offshore wind turbines, so offshore wind turbines, which are not located in a wind farm.