List of Oldenburg locomotives and railbuses

This list contains the locomotives and railcars of the Grand Duchy of Oldenburg Railway ( GOE ).

Name of locomotives

The locomotives of the Grand Duchy of Oldenburg Railway received a name and the inventory number corresponding track number that has been assigned in the order of delivery. Released by phasing numbers have not been reissued.

For the locomotives were chosen mainly landscape, river - and place names from the Grand Duchy and the rest of Germany. Also, names of animals, planets and characters from Norse mythology were used. Especially were the original name of the small tank engines, which should indicate the mobility of these vehicles: HIN, HER, QUICK, FLOTT and the like. Names of people the country's history, however, were not awarded in order not to " etc. to give superfluous word overdubs and secondary interpretations of the initiative. " By phasing vacant name went on neugelieferte locomotives. The GOE held by all German State Railways out longest practice of naming; it occurred by 1920.

Were generic in the Grand Duchy of Oldenburg railway never introduced. Only in the run-up to renumbering by the DRG used to Prussian generic names to facilitate the designation and classification of Oldenburg locomotives. For some locomotive classes that were already retired at the time of re-drawing, corresponding generic names are only detected in the secondary literature.

Steam locomotives


Universal locomotives for all types of train

The Grand Duchy of Oldenburg railway came out during the first three decades of its existence with a locomotive type for the route service, which - was repeatedly ordered - evolved over again.

Passenger and express train locomotives

Freight locomotives

Tender locomotives

Narrow gauge locomotives

The narrow gauge locomotives of the Grand Duchy of Oldenburg railway were procured for the running meter gauge Wangerooger Island Railway.