List of Olympic medalists in rowing (men)

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This list is part of the list of Olympic gold medalist in rowing. It leads all medal winners in competitions in rowing on at the Olympic Summer Games. It is arranged according to current and no longer transmitted disciplines as well as for bootstrap classes.

  • 2.1 pairs with coxswain
  • 2.2 four with coxswain
  • 2.3 coxed four ( Dollengigs )
  • 2.4 six with coxswain
  • 2.5 sixteens with coxswain

Current disciplines


Double Sculls

Two coxless


Coxless four


S = helmsman

Lightweight double sculls

Lightweight coxless four

No longer discharged disciplines

Two with coxswain

S = helmsman

Four with coxswain

S = helmsman

Four with coxswain ( Dollengigs )

S = helmsman

Six with coxswain

S = helmsman

Sixteen with coxswain

S = helmsman


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