List of Olympic medalists in skeleton

The list of Olympic gold medalist in skeleton lists all the winners and the second and third place winners at the Olympic Winter Games in skeleton, broken down by men and women since 1928. In another part are all skeleton athletes who have won at least one Olympic medal listed. It concludes with the individual nations ratings.

  • 2.1 Men
  • 2.2 Women
  • 3.1 overall
  • 3.2 Men
  • 3.3 Women


The competitions in skeleton for the men and for the women include since the Olympic Winter Games in Salt Lake City, only one discipline:

  • One of the men. During the games of 1928 and 1948 in the official competition program and regularly since the games of 2002 with a total of six competitions
  • One of the women for the games of 2002 with four competitions.

So far, ten gold medals were awarded in Skeleton.

One of the men

One of the women


  • Position: Specifies the order of the athletes again. This is determined by the number of gold medals. With the same number of silver medals are compared, and then won the bronze medals.
  • Name: Lists the name of the athlete.
  • Country: Denotes the country that launched the athlete.
  • From: The year in which the athlete has won the first medal.
  • To: The year in which the athlete has won the last medal.
  • Gold: Reports the number of gold medals won.
  • Silver: Reports the number of silver medals won.
  • Bronze: Reports the number of bronze medals won.
  • Total: Reports the total number of medals won.


Nations ratings