List of regions of Serbia

The provinces of Serbia ( Serbian Покрајине / Pokrajine ) are according to the constitution of Serbia from 2006, the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina in the north and the Autonomous Province of Kosovo and Metohija in the south. Central Serbia is directly subordinate to the Serbian government in Belgrade. The two provinces take a little more than one-third of the total area of Serbia.

You make historically to the (1974 jobs created in this form) to "autonomous provinces " of Serbia within the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia.

( An estimated 1.8 to 2 million)

( 1) According to the census in Serbia 2002 ( in Kosovo could not take place this census for administrative reasons. The exact number of inhabitants is almost not observed because of the strong fluctuation caused by poor administrative structures, emigration, birth and refugees)

( 2) The autonomous province of Kosovo declared on 17 February 2008 as the Republic of Kosovo independence from Serbia. She is since 1999 under the administration of UNMIK. The independence of Kosovo is disputed internationally. According to the Serbian constitution, the province is an integral part of the Republic of Serbia, it also relies on the UN Resolution 1244 of 1999.

( 3) For the time being, there are between Macedonia and Serbia still some unresolved questions about the exact demarcation.