List of Russian steam locomotive classes

This list provides an overview of the Russian and Soviet locomotives.

  • 2.1 passenger locomotives
  • 2.2 freight locomotives
  • 2.3 shunting
  • 7.1 narrow gauge steam locomotives
  • 7.2 Narrow gauge diesel locomotives
  • 7.3 Narrow Gauge Electric Locomotives
  • 7.4 narrow gauge engine railcar

Steam locomotives

Passenger locomotives before 1925

Passenger locomotives from 1925

Freight locomotives before 1925

Freight locomotives from 1925


Tender locomotives

Acquired locomotives foreign railways

The events of World War II and the ensuing territorial transformation of Central and Eastern locomotives foreign railways came into the possession of the Soviet Railways СЖД / SZD. There were taken:

  • Locomotives of the Polish State Railways PKP after the Soviet occupation of eastern Poland in 1939
  • Locomotives of the state railways of Lithuania LG, LVD Latvia and Estonia EVR after the annexation of the Baltic states by the Soviet Union in 1940
  • Locomotives of the national railway company CFR Romania after the Soviet occupation of Bessarabia in 1940
  • Locomotives of the Deutsche Reichsbahn DR, which were captured during the German -Soviet War of the Red Army or were worn by the end of 1945 from the Soviet occupation zones in Germany and Austria

Locomotives of the Polish State Railways ( PKP)

In the table below, only the Polish series are listed that have been converted from normal to broad gauge.

Locomotives of the Deutsche Reichsbahn (DR )

Diesel locomotives

Passenger locomotives

Freight locomotives


Gas turbine locomotives

Electric locomotives

Combustion engine railcar


Narrow track vehicles

Narrow gauge steam locomotives

Narrow gauge diesel locomotives

Narrow gauge electric locomotives

Narrow gauge engine railcar