List of Schubert compositions by D number

The German directory is a thematic list of works by the composer Franz Schubert in chronological order.

Since only a fraction of the works of Franz Schubert was published during his lifetime with opus numbers, needed the musicological research a reliable list of all Schubert's works.

This task was made by the German musicologist Otto Erich ( 1883-1967 ). His Franz Schubert - Thematic Catalogue of all his works in chronological order first appeared in 1951 in the English language. A second, updated edition was published in 1978 in German language in the framework of the New Schubert Edition in Bärenreiter. The German directory is equipped with musical incipits of all works and movements, as well as all available data on the origin, sources, expenses, and literature.

The numbering of Schubert's works by the German - directory is the abbreviation D (English: D number) called. So called eg D 795 the song cycle The Beautiful Miller, formerly known as Opus 25, and D 944 The Great Symphony in C major.


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