List of United States Numbered Highways

United States Highways are comparable to the German roads. The first highways were planned in 1924 and opened in 1926. The term " U.S. Highway " is awarded by the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials ( AASHTO ). They are just like the State Routes funded by the individual states.

The numbering scheme knows one-, two - and three-digit numbers. The U.S. Highways with the numbers 1-101 are transcontinental highways. Highways with even numbers run east to west, while odd numbered highways run north to south. Major north-south roads end with the number 1, important east -west streets with the digit 0 The further the road is located in the west or south, the higher the street number. In contrast, the interstate highways to use a reverse numbering scheme. Street numbers over 101 are usually of minor importance verkehrlicher, they are numbered according to the main routes, from which they are derived; example is the U.S. Highway 331 is the third minor road which branches off from U.S. Highway 31.

The former U.S. Highway 66 is probably the best-known U.S. Highway. The longest one is U.S. Highway 20, which runs from Boston to the East Coast over more than 5,400 kilometers across the continent to Newport on the Pacific.

This list includes the major U.S. Highways ( " Main Routes" ) with start and destination, length (in miles and kilometers ), period of existence, as well as feeder and bypass roads. The former U.S. Highways are marked in italics.