List of water sports

Under water sports are all sports that are played in or on the water, combined. Forces exerted on the water winter sports like ice skating are not taken into water sports, even though they take place physically seen on the water.

The following list contains the Olympic water sports. They will all take place during the summer games.

  • Canoeing - Canoe Racing
  • Canoeing - Canoe Slalom
  • Rowing
  • Sailing
  • Motorboat races (Only 1908)
  • Water skiing ( Only demonstration sport )
  • Swimming - Art and Diving
  • Swimming - Swimming
  • Swimming - Synchronized Swimming
  • Swimming - Water Polo
  • Triathlon ( If only partially discharged in the water)

A third category are underwater activities, especially scuba diving, which is also played competitively in orientation diving, fin swimming, underwater rugby and freediving.