List of world records in Olympic weightlifting

This list displays the current world records in weight lifting as well as the now deleted records and a comparison of these. Records can currently be placed in the snatch, jerk and in the duel, until 1972 this was possible in the press, Snatch, bumping and powerlifting.

  • 5.1 Records to 1992
  • 5.2 Records of 1993-1997

Development of Records

The world records in weightlifting did not develop continuously. Through several changes of weight classes old world records were no longer recognized. Instead, the International Weightlifting Federation (IWF ) 1998 so-called standards, based on the previous bests, which had to be outbid.

Because some of these loads, however, were not reached, the IMF has these standards abolished in 2008, which declared all-time high tiering in retrospect to world records. [A 1]

In addition, the introduction of the 1 -kilogram usually related in early 2005, which states that all records must be a multiple of 1 kg, the correction of some values ​​. It may be that the record weight was 0.5 kg higher originally and was rounded off with the new rule. [A 2] Before the introduction of the 1 -kilogram rule was the 2.5 -kilogram rule according to which only the part the result obtained was received in the rating, which completely by 2.5 was divisible. With these two rules, it is possible that there are currently world records that were never actually lifted using these loads.

Records of the men (as of 16/07/2013 )

Records of women (as of 04.08.2012 )

Old Records of the men

Due to the changes in weight classes in weightlifting some records are no longer listed as world records, although their loads were higher than the current world records, often at a lower body weight of the athlete.

Note: Small differences sources ( weightlifter, world record, date and place ).

Records to 1992

Records from 1993-1997

Old records of women

Records to 1992

Records from 1993-1997

In addition to these records, there are several athletes who have surpassed the current world records. A detailed overview is given of the Web link at bottom of page.

Absolute records the current weight classes

In order to assess the current world records better, this list ranks the highest ever moving loads into the current weight classes. In the women's all absolute records were established after 1998, so that the corresponding list matches the current world records.