List of youth organizations

Under a youth organization is defined as a union of young people with common interests or goals, which goes beyond local boundaries. Larger youth associations often have full-time employees who perform organizational tasks or work with education in the youth league. The term youth organization is largely congruent. He usually referred to youth associations who feel a certain belonging Adults Association, or understand as its youth organization.

Youth associations are organizations youthful self-organization and representation of interests and have their roots in the youth movement. At the same time youth associations educational institutions, namely social arrangements for socialization and education in adolescence. You are so typical " intermediary organizations ", ie they mediate the interests of young women and young men into society ( youth policy advocacy ) and practice vice versa social control and integration of interests towards the youth of ( educational institutions ).

The offers of youth associations are typically group hours, weekend and holiday activities. But also open youth work and youth social work belong to the range. Youth associations and non-formal education offer, free and experimental rooms for teens, primary prevention and social integration, and community. They offer many specific identification opportunities for children and young people due to the different association profiles. Youth organizations achieve this due to their special structural features: They are voluntary, voluntary, self- organized party for children and adolescents as well as value-oriented.


Is given by § 11 and § 12 Child and Youth Services Act ( KJHG ) The legal basis for the work of youth associations. If the association is active in the sense of youth services and pursuing charitable purposes, he can state recognition acc. Apply § 75 KJHG as a free youth services. ( Details are regulated by the Children and Youth Welfare Act / SGB VIII).

Each youth organization can city or apply for membership in the respective Kreisjugendring, the criteria for determine the statutes of the youth councils. Is the association nationally distributed, which also applies to the district and regional youth councils and the German Federal Youth Council.

Classic youth associations are eg the Scout Unions, the youth organizations of the aid agencies, the confessional youth organizations ( in BDKJ and aej ), Christian interdenominational youth organizations ( YMCA with 45 million youth association with world's most members ) or the Youth Sports.

Party Near youth organizations such as the Young Union, the Young Socialists, the Green Youth, the Young Liberals, the youth left ['solid ] or the pirate boy. Nonpartisan youth associations such as the Young Nature Friends, Young Democrats / Young Left, the DGB youth, the Falcons or the BDAJ.

In the Federal Republic of Germany and Austria, almost all political parties have a youth organization: see list of youth organizations in Germany, List of youth organizations in Austria.


Switzerland's youth associations are members of the Swiss Federation of Youth Associations ( SAJV ). Political youth organizations in Switzerland hot young party.

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