Lister (river)


The Lister is a 19.02 km long, left-sided or northwesterly inflow of Bigge and from Listertalsperre and Bigge in the city Meinerzhagen, which lies in the Mark Brandenburg Kreis, North Rhine -Westphalia ( Germany ). It runs within the Sauerland in the Natural Park Ebbegebirge.


The Lister rises in Ebbegebirge north of Mount Rothstein (600 m above sea level. NN ). Your source area is located in the nature reserve ebb Moore, located approximately 870 m east-northeast of the A45 (Sauerland line) located Roost Rothstein ( 540-580 m above sea level. NN ) to about 560 m height between the urban area of ​​Meinerzhagen belonging hamlets Schürfelde and cams in the north and the village Willertshagen located in the south.

In predominantly southeasterly direction Lister flows between the Ebbegebirge in the northwest and the Listertalsperre in the southeast through the park Ebbegebirge. Beginning of the Bach controls in a southerly direction at a few kilometers east of Meinerzhagen situated village Willertshagen he happened immediately east

Henceforth, the Lister flows through numerous hamlet in the city of Meinerzhagen and among other things, the district Krummenerl to the district Hunswinkel where they coming from the west in the Listertalsperre ( 319.52 m above sea level. NN ) opens, a branch of the carrying of the Bigge reservoir Bigge which directly abuts the air side of Lister dam.


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