Lists of important publications in science

The publication list is a list of all scientific publications ( publications ) of a person or institution. Publication lists are used for summary documentation of their own work among scientists.


In the international scientific field is placed on extensive publications on scientific issues and research results specific value. The publications should preferably be made ​​in internationally renowned journals. With the publication list on their own research experience is demonstrated and documented scientific excellence. The relevance of scientific achievements is often measured by the Hirsch - index, which is a measure of the citation impact of publications of an author.

The list of publications is significant as an attachment to an academic resume or as an attachment to application documents for external funding, scholarships and other educational and research applications.


Building a list of publications is not standardized. Common conventions are different from subject to subject something. So the list in the humanities is often divided into the main groups papers (papers ), review articles (reviews ) and books / book chapters. In other subjects, possibly finer subdivisions are common, eg as well as publications in conference proceedings have a considerable (but different ) ranking because it is published in an interdisciplinary or because other forms of publication should be documented as only peer-reviewed articles or book publications.

Inverse chronological order ( ie most recent listed first) is more common than chronological. Also, the structure of each entry is not defined. In principle makes sense to use one of the formats that are also in the publications themselves to reference literatures usual. But clenched in publication lists over and over again, the same authors and dates appear to play a prominent role, there are also often other sequences of information, such as:

  • Title of the publication
  • Authors to specify ( With )
  • Publication year
  • Place of publication: book, magazine, journal, conference, etc.
  • Details such as the edition numbering, page numbers
  • Publication Reference: Publication Entry; ISBN etc.


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