Lit (Band)

Renamed in 1996 in Lit

Lit is an American rock band from Orange County, California.


The music group was founded in 1990 as a metal band Razzle. Some years later, the band's name was changed in Stain, but since there was already a band with that name, the group was renamed again in 1996 and this time in Lit.

In 1996 the EP Five Smokin 'Tracks from Lit appeared through the first album appeared in 1997 Tripping the Light Fantastic the record company RCA Records became aware of Lit. 1999 published Lit The disc A Place in the Sun, which develops into a successful album, as well as their song My own worst Enemy (Eng. My own worst enemy ), who has also appeared in the video game Rock Band 2. The album was followed by several successful singles. The following tour disputed Lit with Silverchair, The Offspring and garbage. Their 2001 release, the third studio album by the band, Atomic. Then also the hit Over My Head is available, the use was as a soundtrack to the animated film Titan AE. Lit In 2003, the label and signed a new contract with the small label DRT Entertainment.

On 26 July 2008, Adrian Young of No Doubt made ​​a guest appearance with Lit On August 13, 2009 died drummer Allen Shellenberger at the age of 39 years to a brain tumor. On 27 November 2009 Nathan Walker joined the band and has since become the new drummer and a replacement for Allen Shellenberger. Ryan Gillmor in 2010 came to the band. Now here he plays rhythm guitar and keyboard.




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