The Litchfield National Park (English Litchfield National Park ) is located 128 km south of the city of Darwin in the Northern Territory in Australia. It received its name from the explorer Frederick Henry Litchfield.


Despite the very heavy monsoon rains in summer, the National Park can be visited all year round. Starting point is usually the lying on the edge of the park village Batchelor.

The other tourist spots across Northern Australia, numerous crocodiles occurring (Australia crocodile and saltwater crocodile ) put in Litchfield National Park is a relatively minor problem dar. still occasionally carried attacks on humans, most recently in the spring of 2008.


Landscape of the National Park is characterized by its four waterfalls (see under places of interest), but also by forest landscapes that is marked on the sandstone plateau of many typical plant species such as the eucalyptus trees Eucalyptus miniata and Eucalyptus tetrodonta. Monsoon rainforests occur in the canyons that have dug the rivers near the waterfalls in the background.


In mammals, among others the antelope kangaroo and the Agile Wallaby, the Tüpfelbeutelmarder, the spotted short bandicoot, the Sugar Glider and Kusu- type Trichosurus arnhemensis to watch. There are also several species of bats, the rare orange horseshoe bat. Particularly rich is the birdlife of the national park in which, among other things, the wedge-tailed eagle, black kite, several cockatoos and parakeets are mentioned.


  • Wangi Falls 13.163563130.684271, waterfall, lake and camping
  • Tolmer Falls 13.205368130.714685, Waterfall
  • Florence Falls 13.098997130.783159, waterfall, lake and camping
  • Buley Rockholes - 13.112707130.785272, swimming in the river
  • Magnetic Termite Mounds, flat, precisely built in a north-south direction termite mounds, which are only found here world.
  • The Lost City, bizarrely shaped freestanding sandstone blocks
  • Blyth Homestead 13.23261777130.7249270579, former residence of 1929
  • Tjaynera Falls 13.2446745130.757802 (Sandy Creek Falls), waterfall, lake and camping
  • Surprise Creek Falls, waterfall, lake and camping

Blyth Homestead

If Tolmer

If Tjaynera