Lithuanian National Radio and Television

Lietuvos ir nacionalinis Radijas televizija ( listen? / I ) (LRT ) is a semi-public broadcasting company from Lithuania based in Vilnius. The LRT each send three radio and television programs and also still runs a news portal. 75 percent of the shares are held by the state. A part of the budget is achieved through advertising. The broadcasting company employs approximately 650 employees. She is also a member of the European Broadcasting Union ( EBU).


On 12 June 1926, there was the first regular broadcasting in Lithuania. It was then sent from Kaunas. On June 30, 1957, the first television program was broadcast, and thus then, the company was founded. Since 1975, the broadcasting is done in color. 1990, in time for the independence of Lithuania, structured one to the television and the radio. Since 1993, the broadcasting company is a member of the European Broadcasting Union. On 27 July 2012, the name of the television and radio stations have been unified. In all the station name is now the abbreviation " LRT " included.



  • LRT Radijas ( previously: Lietuvos Radijas )
  • LRT Klasika (previously Klasika ) ( program with a focus on classical music)
  • LRT Opus ( previously: Opus 3 ) ( youth radio station )


  • LRT televizija (formerly LTV)
  • LRT Kultura (previously LTV2 )
  • LRT Lituanica (formerly LTV World)