Little Belt

Geographical location

The Little Belt (Danish Little Belt ) is the strait between the peninsula of Jutland ( Jylland ) and the island of Funen ( Fyn ) in Denmark. It is the westernmost natural connection between the Kattegat and the Baltic Sea in the north. In the Kattegat, he begins with the hopper Tragten in Fredericia. This is followed by the ten kilometers long closes M -shaped winding narrow part of, width less than two kilometers, then 600 meters, then about three kilometers. It is traditionally known as Middelfart Sund or Snævringen.

Here are Middelfart two bridges in operation, the old Little Belt (railway / road bridge ) in 1935 and the Little Belt Ny ( highway bridge ), opened in 1970. Due to the tortuous course of the water, these two bridges are almost orthogonal to each other. To the west of the old bridge crossing two 380 kV three-phase power lines the Little Belt. West ( baltic down) which branches off a Kolding Fjord called from Fjord.

In Stenderup joins the close of the 70- kilometer-long, ten to 20 kilometers wide part of the belt. Meanwhile, in the southern part of the island of Alsen ( As ) is called in German also Alsenbelt. The southeast Windwärts looking south entrance of the Little Belt opens to the so-called Danish Southern Seas, with its many small islands south of Funen.

About nine percent of the water exchange between the Kattegat bay as the world ocean and the inland sea Baltic Sea flows through the Little Belt. There are an influx of salt and oxygen-rich water in the Kattegat depth and a low-salt efflux Baltic Sea water in the upper layers.