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Small Horde ( kasach. Кіші жүз / kisi Juez " younger Schüs ") was the name of a Kazakh tribal federation of the 16th century. This horde is also known under the name Younger Horde.

Starting from the tsarist Russia were also mentioned by other Europeans the Little Horde in the 18th and 19th centuries falsely Small Kirghiz Horde. This came about as the former Russia wanted to distinguish the Kazakhs of the Slavic Cossacks (Russian Казак / kazak ). So they called the Kazakhs as initially as " Kazak - Kyrgyz ". Between 1917 and 1920 the area of ​​the Little Horde Kazakh Alash -Orda State belonged.

Scope and tribal structure

Like all Central Asian nomadic empires possessed the Little Horde has no fixed and clearly defined boundaries. In essence, the Little Horde comprised the north-west and western Kazakhstan. In your hearing were formed from nomadic tribes. So, for example, were among the clans of Alim - Üly, Bay Üly and Zhety - Üru the Little Horde. With under the Little Horde is falsely attributed to the resulting early 19th century Bökey horde to the west of it, on the territory of the former Nogai Horde, was located.


1509 founded the Dschingiskhanide Qasym Khan the independent Kazakh Khanate. After his death three appanages (Part dominions ) were built from 1518 on the territory of the khanate, from which the Little Horde emerged.

As the 18th century began the hostilities with the Western Mongolian Dzungars, occurred about the same time the advance of the Russian Empire into Central Asia. So opened Cossack associations on behalf of the Tsar the northern steppes and it came to the first bloody clashes between the Slavic settlers and the Kazakh nomads.

1731 assumed the Khan of the Lesser Horde, Abu'l- Hayr, voluntarily surrendered to the Russian Empire and became a vassal of the Tsar. By the assumption of the Horde to the Tsar hoped for the prince that he would support Russia in the fight against Dzungars. However, the ratio of the Little Horde Tsar remained divided. However, an intervention of Russian troops was not necessary, since the neighboring Qing Dynasty destroyed the Dschungarenreich bloody. In 1812, due west of the Little Horde allied with the Tsar Bökey horde and their prince Bökey was used as the second ruler in the Little Horde. 1824, the Small Horde was dissolved and placed under a Russian Direct management.

Prince list

  • Üziak Khan ( son Janibegs, reg. 1526-1535/7 )
  • Boliakai Kuyan 1550
  • Aichuvak 1580
  • Irish 1650
  • Adiya or Aitiak 1680
  • Abulhair Khan ( 1717/28-1748 ) Nürali Khan (1748-1786; northern part Khanate, † 1790)
  • Sirim Batyr Khan ( 1748/90; southern part Khanate, † circa 1802)
  • Chan gates Khan (1803-1809; northern part Khanate )
  • Karatai Khan (1806-1816; southern part Khanate )
  • Aryngazi Khan (1816-1821, † 1833)
  • Golamen Tilenshi 1822-1824