Little League Baseball

The Little League is a non-profit organization in the United States, the organized baseball and softball leagues for children and adolescents. It focuses with several million players in their respective leagues in the U.S., but operates worldwide. Carl Stotz founded Little League in 1939 with three teams in Williamsport, Pennsylvania. Their headquarters is located today in South Williamsport. In the U.S., even Little League is often used as a metaphor for happy American family life.

In Little League's boys and girls play 5-18 years. The leagues are divided into six age groups: Tee Ball, Minors, Little ( or majors ), Junior, Senior and Big. The age limits are not uniform across the various leagues, especially in the younger grades there are regional differences. In the Little League usually play 11 - and 12 -year-old, at the Juniors 13 - and 14 -year-old, Seniors 15 - and 16 -year-old and Big 17 - and 18 -year-old. Many leagues also allow young people who are a year younger to play already in the leagues. The Challenger Division is for children with disabilities. The objectives of the Little League are in addition to pure fun and educational goals, such as learning of teamwork, sportsmanship and fair play.

Eight World Series will be held every year, two in Little, Junior, Senior and Big League, each in softball and baseball. The best known is the Little League World Series, which takes place every August in South Williamsport, Pennsylvania. In tournaments in the United States (including the Virgin and Mariana Islands and Puerto Rico) as well as in the rest of the world find qualifiers for this place. 2003, for example, there were those in Canada, Germany, Poland, and numerous Latin American and Asian countries.