LittleCMS (LCMS ) is a cross-platform free software available for color management. The software consists of a ( with a memory footprint of less than 100k ) very lean program library ( liblcms ). There are lprof with (or LCMS profiler ) a graphical tool to create color profiles, and the command line tools tifficc and jpegicc to embed ICC profiles in TIFF or JFIF files.


LCMS was founded by Marti Maria launched in 1998, was one of the first free color management systems and is the only one with a graphical interface. In early 2004, Mary the support of a lprof. In August 2005, it became a SourceForge project, which is now being cared for by others further. As part of the release of Java as free software non-free color management component of the JDK has been replaced by LittleCMS.


On Linux systems, it is the most widespread of its kind, is used among other things in programs such as Scribus, Firefox, CinePaint, Krita, Picasa and ImageMagick.