Liturgy or liturgy is considered treatment of the liturgy. It is for research and teaching an academic discipline that deals with the understanding and the design of the liturgies and worship services, the texts, ceremonies and objects involved. This reflection of the liturgical celebrations relates to the Catholic, the Orthodox and the Protestant liturgical orders. In a broader sense is also to speak of a scientific reflection of Jewish worship celebrations.

Georg Cassander (1513-1566) first referred to by the term liturgy the scientific reflection of Christian worship. However, the term only in the 18th century in the Catholic and Protestant space prevails. In theological subjects taught the Liturgy / Liturgical Studies is usually sub-discipline of practical theology, however, is in some places emerged as a branch of historical theology. The liturgy is also an essential subject in the church music education.

Subject of the liturgy, in addition to the consummation of the liturgies and liturgical books, so evangelischerseits the agendas, the Catholic side the Ordines as the Missal, the Benediktionale, the Pontifical, the Ceremonial, etc. The books of the Hours and the hymnal also fall within the remit of the liturgy.

Environment of the Liturgy

In addition to scientific liturgy and church- historical elements flow into the teaching and research of the liturgy a knowledge of aesthetics, musicology, theater studies, folklore and communication sciences. Even the church dance can be taken into account. Conversely affect the findings of the liturgy, church music, church architecture and the paramentics.