Liu Bei

Liu Bei (Chinese刘备/刘备, IPA (high chinese ) [ [ li̯oʊ̯35 b̥ɛɪ̯51 ] ], * 161, † 223) was the founder of the state of Shu Han ( 221-261 ) in southern China during the era of the " Three Kingdoms ". He was the brother in arms of Tigergeneräle Yǔ Guan and Zhang Fei.

The founder of the Shǔ Hàn Dynasty Liu Bei claimed to be to be a relative of the Han imperial family ( Hàn Dynasty ). Although the last Hàn Emperor confirmed this relationship, yet the doubt remains as to whether this was not done from making political calculations. The fact is that Liu Bei came from very modest circumstances, should indeed have been among his ancestors some Han Emperor, the family would have long since lost all their privileges of nobility. Liu Bei distinguished himself through his participation in the fight against the Yellow Turban Rebellion and gained recognition. In the Civil War after the suppression of the rebellion, Liu Bei was very late build their own power base. Supported by his adviser Zhuge Liang he was an alliance with Sun Quan ( 181-252 ) to build and stop the expansion of Cao at the Battle of Chibi. He then became the territory of the modern provinces of Hunan, Hubei and Szechuan, where he lost Hunan and Hubei back to Sun Quan.

When in 220 the last Hàn Emperor officially abdicated and the Wei dynasty established in northern China, Liu Bei felt as a relative of the imperial family rely to continue Hàn and recapture the lost land. In the year 221 he proclaimed himself emperor and called his state Hàn. As mentioned in Chinese history various dynasties Hàn, this state today generally considered Shǔ Hàn (蜀汉) is called ( according to the site of the state,蜀, Shǔ is another name for the Szechuan, based upon the State Shǔ the Zhou Dynasty ).

Szechuan lies in the interior of China, and is separated from the rest of the country by mountains difficult to overcome. The center of the province is, however, formed by a fertile landscape boiler, which is suitable as an ideal retreat and was used as such again and again in Chinese history.

In the second year after the founding of Liu Bei led an expedition almost all of his armies against Sun Quan, the king of Wú to regain the lost provinces of Hunan and Hubei. The campaign ended disastrously. Liu Bei died in 223 on the way to his capital, after which his son Liu Shan became emperor. Zhuge Liang was commissioned by Liu Bei to support his son in all matters.