Liupanshui–Baiguo Railway

The Shui Bai -Bahn, Shuicheng - Baiguo -Bahn (Chinese水 柏 铁路, Pinyin Shui Bai Tielu, English Shuibai Railway) or Bai Shui - line (水 柏 线, English Shuicheng - Baiguo Line) runs to the west of China Guizhou Province through the territory of the Wumeng Mountains (乌蒙山). It connects the city to the south Shuicheng with the greater community Baiguo (柏 果 镇) in the circle Pan (盘县) ( Shuicheng and Pan are circles of the prefecture-level city of Liupanshui ). The railway is 118 km long. Hundreds of bridges and many tunnels make up 63 percent of their total length. One of her biggest bridges is the single-track 236 m long Beipanjiang - arch bridge (北 盘 江 大桥). The path leads through the coal - mining areas Liupanshuis.