Liurai (Aileu)

Liurai ( Suco Liurai, Suku Liurai ) is an East Timorese Suco in the subdistrict Aileu (District Aileu ).


The Suco Liurai located in the southwest of the subdistrict Aileu and has an area of 10.33 km ². To the northwest lie the Sucos Hoholau and Seloi Craic, north of the Suco Seloi Painting and east of the Sucos Fahiria, Bandudato, Lahae and Fatubossa. In the southeast Liurai borders the district to Ainaro belonging subdistrict Maubisse with his Suco Liurai and on the southwest by the district to Ermera belonging subdistrict Letefoho with its Sucos Eraulo and Ducurai. In the border area to Fatubossa springs from the river Ormoi, which then flows to the east. In the northwest of the springs Liurai Kuralalan, which flows into the springing in northern Rio Liurai. Together with the springing in the southwest Malubui then forms the Liurai the Manolane, which then leaves the Suco in the Northeast.

In the northeast the city Aileu in the Suco Liurai extends into. At their passes an overland road that leads to the south to the north and Maubisse and Betano to Dili. Along the Manolane the largest settlement is in the Suco: Banderahun ( Bandeira Hun, Bandeira ). On tributary Kuralalan the village Maurusa that a little further east on the border with Hoholau has a namesake is. In the center of Sucos is the place Raimanso ( Raimaso ), in the west and in the east Fatulai Rairema. To the south, the villages are Fatubessi ( Fatubesi ) and Quirilelo ( Quirlelo, Kirilelo ). Primary schools there are in Banderahun, Maurusa (West) and Rairema. Banderahun has a police station, Maurusa (West) a medical station and in Quirilelo Fatulai and one preschool.

In Suco are the eight aldeias Banderahun, Coulaudo, Fatubessi, Fatulmau, laclo, Quirilelo, Raimanso and Rairema.


In Suco live 4,499 inhabitants (2010, 2004: 4,381 ). About 49 % of the population give Tetum Prasa as their native language, only slightly less Mambai. Small minorities speak Galoli or Makasae.


In Banderahun there was the end of 1979 an Indonesian camp for East Timorese should be relocated for better control of the occupiers.

Beginning of September 1999 destroyed during the crisis in East Timor militia members of the AHI ( Aku Hidup dengan Integrasi / Indonesia) systematically more Sucos in Aileu, including Liurai on September 8. Houses were burned and killed the livestock.


In the elections of 2004/2005 Domingos Rodrigues Pinheiro was elected Chefe de Suco and re-elected in 2009.