Live Report

Live Report was a British band.

Participation in the Euro Vision Song Contest

The band around the Maltese Ray Caruana was founded in 1989 for participating in A song for Europe, the UK preselection for the Euro Vision Song Contest. By composed by John Beeby and Brian Hodgson texted song Why do I always get it wrong? could the group to claim first place in a field of competitors with 12 singers and groups with 111 996 votes against the runner-up Julie C with 51,449 votes. When Euro Vision Song Contest 1989 in Lausanne, the band was with the slightly modified arranged song also successful, reaching 130 points for second place. Despite the good placement of the song was commercially a flop and the fifth British contribution in a row, who could not place among the top 40 of the singles chart. The band broke up shortly after taking part again.

After the dissolution

Ray Caruana took in 1994 in his home country of Malta in 1994 at the preliminary decision to Euro Vision Song Contest, finishing with Scarlet song to second place. Meanwhile, he has his own stage show, in which he sings songs of Sammy Davis Jr.. To the other band members, it has become quiet.