Live to Win


  • Vocals, guitar Paul Stanley
  • Guitar, Bass: Corky James
  • Bass: Sean Hurley
  • Keyboards: Harry Sommerdahl
  • Drums: Victor Indrizzo

Live to Win is the title of the second solo album, published in 2006, the American singer, guitarist and songwriter Paul Stanley.


The band Kiss, whose founding member is Stanley had, in 2004 completed the full 59 Dates " Rock the Nation " tour and apart in the years 2005 and 2006, a few individual meetings, paused. This break took Stanley to write songs for a solo album.

For the album, he worked with many well-known artists and songwriters. He renewed the already initiated in the 1970s working with Desmond Child, who was involved in the songwriting of five titles. Other songwriters Andreas Carlsson were ( who had worked with Hilary Duff and Jesse McCartney ), Marti Frederiksen ( Aerosmith, Def Leppard ), and Holly Knight, had already written to the Stanley songs for Kiss.

Stanley was also the guitarist John 5 and Bruce Kulick win for the project: John 5 headed next to the songwriting for Where Angels Dare also has two guitar solos in, Kulick played on three plays bass.

Musician list

  • Brad Fernquist: Guitar
  • Bruce Kulick: Bass
  • Russ Irwin: Keyboards
  • Greg Kurstin Piano
  • Andreas Carlsson: Guitar
  • John 5: Guitar
  • Zac Rae: Piano
  • C. C. White: Backing Vocals
  • John Shanks: Backing Vocal
  • David Campbell: orchestration, orchestral conducting


Live to Win, was released on 27 October 2006, reached on November 11, 2006 No. 53 on the Billboard 200 and stayed 2 weeks in the American album charts. Just 20 days before the publication of the title song in the U.S. ran in the South Park episode "Make love not Warcraft" on television.

Rock Hard judged the album positive and awarded 9 out of 10 possible points:

" 28 years after his first solo record shows Paul Stanley, how to get songs to the point. Freed from the great kiss- pose and supported by guru Desmond Child, The Starchild concentrates on the essentials and provides ten different but very personal insights. Failures, there is of course no, outstanding are ' Wake Up Screaming ' and ' Bulletproof ' ( if only Bon Jovi also could make such songs ). With ' Loving You Without You ' there's also finally a schmaltzy ballad of the Holy Stanislaus. Guitar Foodies will be pleased with solos by John and Bruce Kulick 5. "Live To Win " - no ordinary rapid fire solo album, but a detailed elaborate jewel ".

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