LiveJournal ( LJ also abbreviated ) is a site that offers blogs and so permits any user to keep an online diary. LiveJournal is also the name of the open source server software that was designed to provide this service. LiveJournal is different from other blog providers, especially by emphasizing the user community, as ( one of the oldest online communities ) was previously mainly in the WELL known, and through the support of social networks.


LiveJournal had in October 2007, approximately 14 million users, of which over 3 million in the U.S., over 500,000 in Russia, 270,000 in Canada and 240,000 in the United Kingdom. From Germany about 43 830 users were logged (Rank 9).

In Russia, LiveJournal has a special popularity. There it is translated Schiwoi schurnal (Russian: Живой журнал or short ЖЖ ). Unlike, for example in the U.S., more and more well-known Russian journalist, publicist, politicians, artists and athletes conduct their own LiveJournal weblogs.

Founder and operator

LiveJournal was founded in 1999 by Brad Fitzpatrick, originally to inform his classmates about his activities. In January 2005, the operator of LiveJournal, Danga Interactive was bought by the software company Six Apart, which it in December 2007 to SUP, an international online media company headquartered in Moscow, resold.

Even after LiveJournal was acquired by Six Apart, will be developed on the software further and further out the project.

In " Russian hands "

In December 2007, the LiveJournal was purchased by the 47 - year-old Russian businessman Alexander Mamut, whose company SUP had operated as a licensee since 2006, the Russian branch of the service.