Living the Blues


Bob "The Bear" Hite (vocals ); Alan Wilson (guitar, harmonica ); Henry Vestine (guitar); Larry Taylor (bass, congas ); Adolfo de la Parra (drums ); with: John Mayall ( piano ); Dr. John ( piano ); John Fahey (guitar); Miles Grayson ( horn); Charley Patton (guitar); Joe Sample ( piano); Henry " Son " Sims ( violin )

Living the Blues, in a later edition also Livin 'the Blues, is the third album by the American blues group Canned Heat and appeared in 1968.


The album is also " Going Up the Country" represented, which was the biggest hit as a single group. He reached the top position on the charts in 25 countries. It is also striking that is written differently in different sources of the title. The CD, which was reissued in 1999 by Mam Records, entitled Livin 'the Blues, while the original edition operates under the title Living the Blues.

Title list

CD 1

CD 2

  • 9 Refried Boogie 40:51

Critics votes

  • " ... Where they mix old sounds with new refined ingredients and then deliver even a 42 -minute drug - boogie session, at the end bassist Larry Taylor comes out well. " - Uli Lemke, Blue Rhythm (11/ 99)
  • " ... Stands as a testament to Canned Heat 's prowess as modernizers of the blues ... " - Lindsay planner All Music Guide ( "stands as a testament to Canned Heats skills as modernizers of the blues ...")
  • "Strong originals and engaging overhauls of a few blues staples " - Lindsay planners, All Music Guide ( "strong original compositions and arrangements of some dedicated Blue Standards")
  • " Parthenogenesis, Which displays the quintet At Their most experimental. " - Over Stocks- Reviews ("> Parthenogenesis < shows the quintet very experimental " )
  • "Their magnum opus for sure " - CD Universe ( "Sure, her main work" )