LKAB, as an abbreviation for Luossavaara - Kiirunavaara Aktiebolaget is a Swedish mining company based in Luleå, which mainly promotes iron ore in Kiruna and is 100% owned by the Swedish State.


Two years before the founding of the LKAB drove the first ore train on with iron from the Malmbergetin Gällivare to Luleå to the recently completed ore port Svartön. In 1899 the line was opened from Gällivare to Kiruna and 1902 all the way to the Norwegian Narvik, which was able to sell the LKAB iron ore year-round ice-free harbor in Narvik world.

In 1898 Hjalmar Lundbohm CEO of LKAB. The geologist is credited with founding the city of Kiruna and until his retirement in 1920, as a key person to the positive development of the company and the region.

1903 took over the company Trafikaktiebolaget Grängesberg - Oxelösund (TGO ), AB Gellivare Malmfält (AGM ) together with its subsidiary LKAB. Four years later, the state goes into the company by buying all preferred shares of LKAB.

In 1954, the company built the first factory in Europe pellets in Malmberget. Three years later, in 1957, the state assumes LKAB with 96 %, the remaining 4% of stay in the TGO. To 100 % state-owned, the company is then since 1976.

1961 opened the LKAB mine in the Leväniemi in the ore field of Svappavaara, which in 1983 had to be closed because of poor market conditions. Subsequently, the mine was flooded. After obtaining the environmental permits LKAB wants to dewater the mine again and put the system back into operation. 1968 opened the LKAB in Svappavaara a pellet plant.


LKAB has seven Swedish subsidiaries:

  • LKAB Berg & Betong, among others. Sweden's largest sprayed concrete producer
  • LKAB Fastigheter, housing association
  • LKAB Kimit, production and Ausliefergesellschaft for explosives
  • LKAB Malmtrafik, railway company for the railway line Luleå -Narvik
  • LKAB Mekaniska, engineering
  • LKAB Minerals, minerals processing
  • LKAB Wassara, Bohrsystemhersteller


The most important and largest mine in the LKAB Kiruna iron ore mine is, it is considered the world's largest iron ore mine.

Another mine is located in Malmberget, it opens up 20 iron body and is the world's second- largest iron ore mine. There, a new main haulage level was opened in 2013 at 1250 meters and thus secured the mining industry for 20 to 30 years at this location.

The third big mine is the mine in Gruvberget Erzfeld Svappavaara. There, in contrast to the other two mines open cast mines ore. The mine production together with the to nearby mines planned Leväniemi and Mertainen will be about 25% of the total production of iron ore and the LKAB 2015.

In the mines of the LKAB total of 1,000 kilometers of roads are built.