Løkken Verk

526 inhabitants for each km ²

Løkken Verk is a place in the municipality of Meldal an hour's drive from Trondheim in Central Norway County Sør- Trøndelag.


A farm loekken, which was located here, and an onboard place mine have given Løkken Verk his name.


1652 copper ore was found in the area, from 1654 to 1987 mining was operated here. Until 1845 copper ore was mined, toasted and melted. 1851, the production was switched to chalcopyrite. This was exported as raw material for the production of sulfuric acid.

The degradation was interrupted 1853-1891. In the years from 1931 to 1962 then sulfur and copper was produced according to the " Orkla Process" in the smelter Thamshavn. Thamshavn on Orkdalsfjord is 25 km from Løkken Verk away. Since 1910, they are connected by the Thamshavnbanen ( Thams - port railway ). With the Thamshavnbane the chalcopyrite was transported to the port and then on to the smelter. Today, this railway museum railway.

From 1904 the mine was operated under the name " Orkla Grube- Aktiebolaget ". The corporation later evolved into the large industrial group Orkla ASA.


Today, the mining museum and the old pit is also a concert and theater hall. Orkla Industry Museum organized a tour of the mine, the operation of the railway museum and fascinating facts from the past and recent history.