Lladró is a Spanish company, with headquarters in Tavernes Blanques, in the autonomous region of Valencia, that produces high quality porcelain figurines.


Lladró was founded in 1953 by the brothers Juan, José and Vicente Lladró in the place Almácera near Valencia. First, only small vases and pitchers were made ​​of porcelain. Three years later, in 1956, the production of porcelain figures with whom the company has become world famous began.

The success of the figures and the enthusiasm that moved it triggered led the audience for repeated enlargement of the workshop, until 1958, the company in a new production facility in Tavernes Blanques.

After that Lladró developed as follows:

Manufacturing and marketing

The material conditions are strict trade secret. In contrast, the production method is publicly available, either from their own publications or on a visit to the " porcelain city ". The figures are made ​​from a specially developed porcelain paste, which gives them their unique character. Also the composition of the gloss coat is secret.

The Lladró figurines are sold under their original Spanish name. In addition, they receive an English name, which often does not correspond to an exact translation, but it should be appealing to the international audience. Is misleading to do that a figure over the years may receive different names.