LM -33 (Russian ЛМ -33) is the name of one of the Wagonoremontny Sawod in Leningrad ( WARS, today Peterburgski Tramwajno - Mechanitscheski Zavod, St. -Petersburg, Russia) built tram vehicle. The abbreviation LM mean Leningradski Motorny (Russian Ленинградский Моторный, German Leningrad railcars ), the number 33 corresponds to the development of 1933. Usually drove the railcar in pair with LP -33- sidecar, the non-powered variant of the LM- 33rd The letter P stands for Prizepnoi (Russian прицепной, German sidecar ). The mini trains from LM -33- railcars and LP -33- trailers were often referred to as LM/LP-33. Both engines as well sidecar were setting car, she frequented only on lines with turning loops or triangles on the route ends. Originally the model designations were MA ( Motorny Amerikanskogo tipa, Russian Моторный типа Американского, railcars American type ) for engine and PA ( Prizepnoj Amerikanskogo tipa, ПА - Прицепной Американского типа ) for sidecar, because the American of the Peter Witt Company - manufacturer vehicles were taken as a model for development. Due to this fact, the car had the unofficial nickname of " American " (Russian Американка ).

A LM/LP-33-Zug with the inventory numbers 4275 4454 is still preserved in St. Petersburg without major changes to the substance. He is an exhibit of the St. Petersburg Tram Museum and was made roadworthy again in November 1997. The museum train in St. Petersburg can be rented for tours, weddings, proms or corporate events.

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