LM Wind Power

LM Wind Power (formerly LM Glass Fiber ), headquartered in Kolding (Denmark ) is a major independent manufacturer of rotor blades for wind turbines.

It has production sites in the Netherlands, among others, India, Spain, China, Poland, Brazil and the United States. Through its subsidiary Svendborg Brakes ', the group also manufactures hydraulic components.


The company was originally founded in 1940 under the name Lunderskov MOEBELFABRIK as a furniture factory in the town Lunderskov. Since the early 50's products were made ​​of glass reinforced plastic; the name of the company was consequently amended in 1952 in LM Glass Fiber. In 1978 the preparation of the first blades. Since 2001, the company is owned by private equity investor Doughty Hanson & Co. in 2009 the company merged with Svendborg Brakes, one acquired by Doughty Hanson, 2008 Manufacturer of hydraulic components. In April 2010, the renaming of LM Wind Power was.