LMA is an abbreviation for:

  • Media Authority, in Germany, the supervisory authority for private radio and television programs and Telemedia
  • Laryngeal mask airway, Brain- tube), a means to hold open the airways in anesthesia during anesthesia
  • Levenberg -Marquardt algorithm, a numerical optimization algorithm for solving non-linear equalization problems using the method of least squares
  • Encyclopedia of the Middle Ages (or LexMA etc.), a German-language reference work on the history of the Middle Ages in 9 volumes
  • Lietuvos mokslų akademija, Lithuanian Academy of Sciences, a non-governmental Academy of Sciences in Lithuania
  • Lietuvos Muzikos akademija, " Music Academy of Lithuania ", renamed the State Conservatory in 2004 in its present name Music and Theatre Academy of Lithuania # History ( Lithuanian: Lietuvos ir teatro Muzikos akademija, LMTA )
  • Loan Market Association, a London- established and seated interest group from the financial sector, especially banks, financial investors, but also international law firms
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