Lo -Reninge is a Belgian town in the Flanders region with 3299 inhabitants (as of January 1, 2012). It is the second smallest city after Messines in Belgium. Lo -Reninge originated in 1977 from the merger of the formerly independent city of Lo with the municipalities ( and present-day districts ) Reninge, Pollinkhove and Noordschote.


The city is located in the far west of Belgium, about 10 km east of the French border and 18 km south of the Belgian coast on the English Channel. Lo -Reninge is still dominated by agriculture and has for Belgium a very low population density. South of the city runs the River (French ): Yser (Dutch ): Yser; the branching off of him and up to Nieuwpoort leading to the coast navigable channel Lovaart runs very close to the city.

Diksmuide 10 km north east, Nieuwpoort 16 km north, 17 km south-east of Ypres, Bruges and Brussels 40 km northeast is approximately 113 km to the east.


The next highway exits are located at Furnes in the north on the A18 and at Ypres in the south on the A19.

In Diksmuide, Furnes and Ypres are the next regional stations. In Oostende and Bruges keep on regional express trains.

In Ostend and the French city of Lille are regional airports and near the capital Brussels there is an international airport.


The Town Hall with Belfry is since 1999 part of the UNESCO World Heritage " belfries in Belgium and France".