A Loa (also Lwa or Lua ) is a spirit in Voodoo with great power and almost unlimited possibilities. The Loa are supposed to be able to those who worship them to fulfill almost every wish.

The presentation of the Loa is older than the Voodoo religion itself and already goes back to their African roots. The word Loa means about spiritual leader and refers to a (usually friendly minded ) spirit beings.

Loa play a central role in the rituals of voodoo and manifest themselves in these most by obsession.

Loa and Holy

Each Loa are assigned characteristics, as well as various attributes. As part of the Christianization of the distribution area of voodoo, there was a blending of indigenous religions with Christianity, which meant that often Christian saints were virtually " hijacked " to represent a Loa. This overlapping responsibilities or optical appearances of Loa and Holy were used as an opportunity to relate them to each other. So it is not mandatory to similarities of character, but the graphical representation of a saint can be used due to a details view of a Loa, no matter what qualities the saint actually. An example: The St. Patrick, shown with the vertriebenenen by him from Ireland snakes at his feet is as a symbol of Damballah, the white and as cosmic serpent of voodoo used. Another interesting example of this syncretism is Papa Legba, who is represented by a picture Peter as this, as Papa Legba, an intermediary between the divine and human world takes.

Sacrifice for Loa

In a ritual (mostly fruits, flowers, drinks or even animal sacrifice) offered to the Loa offerings. Each Loa has special preferences in terms of gifts offered. The animal or blood sacrifice was of great importance: the nature-loving followers of Voodoo sacrificed example, a chicken, a full-grown animal that they have reared from egg to. This went hand in hand with the sacrifice of a kind of personal loss, but this was not material. The Loa takes his victim only the essence ( soul ) and the physical remnants (meat) remain the sacrificer for use.

The Veve

Each Loa is in the ritual represented and influenced not only by name but also by a complex symbol, the so-called Veve. This Veve usually reflects certain characteristics of a Loa resist graphically.

List of Loa

  • Adjassou - Linguetor
  • Adjinakou
  • Adya Houn'tò
  • Agassou
  • Agwe
  • Ayida - Weddo
  • Ayizan
  • Azaka - Tonnerre
  • Bacalou
  • Badessy
  • Baron Samedi
  • Boli Shah
  • Bossou Ashadeh
  • Boum'ba Maza
  • Bugid Y Aiba
  • Captain Deba
  • Clermeil
  • Congo
  • Damballah
  • Dan Petro
  • Dan WeDo
  • Diable Tonnere
  • Diejuste
  • Dinclinsin
  • Erzulie
  • Ghede
  • Gran Maître
  • Grand Bois
  • Guinee
  • Kalfu
  • Lemba
  • Limba
  • L' inglesou
  • Loco
  • Mademoiselle Charlotte
  • Mait ' Carrefour
  • Maîtresse Délai
  • Maîtresse Hounon'gon
  • Maman Brigitte
  • Marassa
  • Marassa Jumeaux
  • Marinette
  • Mombu
  • Mounanchou
  • Nago Shango
  • Ogoun
  • Papa Legba
  • Pie
  • Simbi
  • Sobo
  • Sousson - Pannan
  • Ti Jean Quinto
  • Ti Malice
  • Ti -Jean Petro