Local Media Group

The Dow Jones Local Media Group ( Abbreviation: DJLMG, formerly Ottaway Community Newspapers, Inc. or Ottaway Newspapers, Inc. ) is a US-based media company based in Middletown, in the state of New York.

The foundation stone for the Dow Jones Local Media Group was established by the founding of the newspaper bulletin in Endicott, in the state of New York, by the publisher, James H. Ottaway in November 1936. In 1944 James H. Ottaway Newspapers bought more added in the state of New York, in 1946 to bring them under the newly established Empire Newspapers Radio, Inc.. 1969 offered the Dow Jones & Company for Ottaway Community Newspapers, Inc. 914,038 shares (worth ~ $ 36 million ). On 31 July 1970 it merged with the Dow Jones & Comp .. Following the merger, the name was changed to Dow Jones Local Media Group.

Meanwhile be published in seven U.S. states (California, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, Oregon and Pennsylvania) from Dow Jones Local Media Group newspapers, Sunday newspapers and weeklies. Furthermore, several websites, magazines and other publications published by the Dow Jones Local Media Group.


The Dow Jones Local Media Group is organized in regional independent companies. Direct Dow Jones Local Media Group managed companies Limelight Deals ( Middletown ( New York)) and Marketing Blacksmith ( Middletown ( New York)).

  • Cape Cod Media Group, Hyannis ( Massachusetts) Cape Cod Times, Hyannis
  • Cape Cod View, Hyannis
  • Barnstable Patriot, Hyannis
  • Times Herald -Record, Middletown
  • Orange Magazine, Middletown
  • The Inquirer and Mirror, Nantucket
  • Today Nantucket, Nantucket
  • Pocono Record, Stroudsburg
  • The Record, Stockton
  • The Portsmouth Herald
  • The Exeter News-Letter
  • The Hampton Union
  • The York Weekly
  • York County Coast Star
  • The Advocate
  • The Chronicle
  • Middleboro Gazette
  • The Spectator
  • The Fall River Spirit
  • New England Business Bulletin
  • The Nickel, Medford
  • Ashland Daily Tidings Medford