Lockheed Martin A2100

The A2100 is a satellite bus for communications satellites in geostationary orbits, which is produced and distributed by Lockheed Martin.

The A2100 is compatible with launchers of the type III Atlas, Atlas V, Delta IV, Ariane 4, Ariane 5, Proton, Zenit (including Sea Launch ) and Long March. The first launch of this design took place on 8 September 1996 here the AMC -1 of GE Americom ( SES Americom today ) was placed into orbit. It was developed by a team called the Skunk Works research division of Lockheed Martin.

From the A2100, there are four civilian and a military variant, which allow a launch mass 2800-6600 kg. The variants differ in size as well as in the electric power, this is between 1 and 15 kW. The cost for the basic version A2100A amount to about 100 million U.S. dollars, herein the start-up costs are not included.

So far, 35 satellites were launched based on the A2100, the largest customers are SES SA, JSAT Corporation and EchoStar.