Lockheed Martin Polecat

The Lockheed Martin P -175 Polecat unmanned stealth drone was one which has been, better known under the name Skunk Works, developed and built by the Lockheed Advanced Development Projects Unit. With Polecat and the Skunk is known in English next to the Iltis.

The development of the Polecat probably began in early 2005, possibly in parallel with the RQ -170 Sentinel since various technical similarities are apparent. The P- 175 is a flying wing, the engines of the model are fitted Williams FJ44 -E3 in the airframe. The air intakes are similar to the B- 2 Spirit on top of the fuselage.

Lockheed confirmed the existence of the machine at the Farnborough International Airshow in 2006 and it published the so far only officially known photo of the machine. On 18 December 2006 the prototype crashed, causing the program was terminated prematurely.

It is unclear whether it was in the Polecat to a reconnaissance or combat drone. But by the lack of military classification, it is also possible that it was only a technology demonstrator at the P -175.