Lockheed P-7

The Lockheed P-7 was the project of a four-engined Seeaufklärers the American manufacturer Lockheed. The plan, she was a successor to the P-3 Orion, the development was eventually discontinued for cost reasons.


Mid-80s, the U.S. Navy began with a search of a successor to the distributors at this time in use P -3 Orion. In 1988, Lockheed was tasked with developing a subsequent prototype, based on the P -3 Orion.

After the P-3 Orion was during their period of use become more and more difficult due to retrofit systems and therefore had their original performance (range, climb rate, etc. ) is partially lost, the new maritime patrol aircraft should be larger. In addition, other skills to combat submarines should be made available.

In January 1989, Lockheed won the contract to build two prototypes, but soon had problems with the design and a cost overrun of about 300 million U.S. dollars grant. In July 1990, then the development by the Navy has been set.