Lodovico Grossi da Viadana

Lodovico Grossi da Viadana ( Lodovico Viadana also; * around 1560 in Viadana near Parma; † May 2, 1627 in Gualtieri ) was an Italian composer and member of the Franciscan Observant Order. His musical effect time is at the interface of the Renaissance to the Baroque period.


His real birth name was Lodovico Grossi. Maybe Viadana studied with Constanzo Porta. He received in 1594 the post of choirmaster at the Cathedral of Mantua. 1597 he went to Rome, he was back in Mantua in 1602 choirmaster at San Lucca. Then Viadana was active in the same position in different cities of northern Italy, including in Concordia in Venice and in Fano. From 1614 to 1617 he worked for his religious order in the province of Bologna, next to Mantua still in Ferrara and Piacenza. To 1623 he retired to the monastery of Santa Andrea in Busseto back.


Viadana was the first major composer to. , The then newly developed technique of figured bass in his Op 12, the Cento concerti con il basso continuo - Concerti a una voce con l' organo began.

His Salmi a 4 cori op 27 are among his best works. You are in Concertato style composed, and provide contrast five solo voices, a three -part choir and various instruments (3 organs, chitarrone, strings, bassoons and trumpets ) opposite each other.