Loge (moon)

Scott S. Sheppard, David C. Jewitt, January Kleyna, Brian G. Marsden

Loge (also Saturn XLVI ) is one of the smaller outer moons of the planet Saturn.


The discovery of Loge by Scott S. Sheppard, David C. Jewitt Jan and Brian G. Marsden on Kleyna recordings on January 5, it was announced on 26 June 2006 to 30 April 2006. Loge first received the provisional designation S/2006 S 5 In April 2007, the moon (also Loge ), a son of the frost giants Fornjótr was then after the fire giant Logi (also Fornjot ) and brother of Aegir (also Ægir or freezer) and Kari, named from Norse mythology.

Path data

Box orbits Saturn at a retrograde eccentric orbit in about 1312 days. The orbital eccentricity is 0.187, the orbit is inclined with 167.9 ° to the ecliptic, which from Saturn represents the Laplace plane at this distance.

Structure and physical data

Loge has a diameter of about 6 km.