Lois McMaster Bujold

Lois McMaster Bujold ( born November 2, 1949 in Columbus ( Ohio), USA) is an American author of science fiction and fantasy books.

Her books Bujolds prove mastery of the diverse science fiction genre. Earlier titles follow mainly the space-opera tradition ( also known as the Military science fiction ), with a lot of battles, conspiracies and surprising twists. However followed is only apparently the clichés of the genre.

A central theme that emerges again and again in her novels, relationships are different game types. Be it the love between normal and physically altered by genetic manipulation people ( The Quad This Cay Habitat), the love between enemies ( Shards of Honor ), homosexuality ( Ethan of Athos) or even the slope midget men ( like Miles Vorkosigan ) to large women. Although there is often a happy ending, is done in any way, as if this type of relationship the only thing would be true for every, or even normal. Instead, she describes simple prejudice, but quite endearing these peculiarities of its protagonists and enters in this way for more tolerance.

She has worked for the best novel four times won the prestigious Hugo Award ( which she has set the record of Robert Heinlein ). The Nebula Award, she received twice so far for the best novel. For her novella " The Mountains of Mourning " and the novel Paladin of Souls, they even got both prices and the Locus Award.

Bujold is divorced, has two children and lives in Minnesota.


The Vorkosigan Saga - Barrayar cycle

The hero of their known, about 1000 years playing in the future Vorkosigan saga, is Miles Vorkosigan, an interstellar spy and mercenary admiral, who is from the planet Barrayar. Miles Vorkosigan is hampered by short stature and very brittle bones - aftermath of an attack on his mother while she was pregnant with him. The novels show how he fights with intelligence, courage and humanity against prejudice, senseless violence, stupidity and his own weaknesses, and ( of course) wins in the end.

  • Ethan of Athos, 1995, ISBN 3-453-08569-8, Ethan of Athos, 1986
  • The cadet, 1993, ISBN 3-453-14907-6, The Warrior's Apprentice, 1986
  • Shards of Honor, 1994, ISBN 3-453-12810-9, Shards of Honor, 1986
  • The Quad This Cay Habitat, 1995, ISBN 3-453-07965-5, Free Falling, 1988
  • Limits of infinity, 1996, ISBN 3-453-10915-5, Borders of Infinity, 1989
  • Brothers in arms, 1996, ISBN 3-453-11879-0, Brothers in Arms, 1989
  • The Prince and the mercenaries, 1994, ISBN 3- 453-07274 -X, The Game Before 1990
  • Barrayar, 1991, ISBN 3-453-12811-7, Barrayar, 1991
  • Mirror Dance, 1997, ISBN 3-453-12670- X, Mirror Dance, 1994
  • Cetaganda, 1999, ISBN 3-453-15644-7, Cetaganda, 1995
  • Dreamweaver 's Dilemma, 1995 ( short novel )
  • Viruses of oblivion, 2000, ISBN 3-453-17097-0, Memory, 1996
  • Komarr, 2005 ( published in the anthology Revolt ), Komarr, 1998
  • Ambassador of the Empire, 2006 ( published in the anthology The Ambassador ), A Civil Campaign, 2000
  • Diplomatic tangles, 2006 ( published in the anthology The Ambassador ), Diplomatic Immunity, 2002
  • Gifts for the Winter Festival, 2006 ( published in the anthology The Ambassador ), Winter Fair Gifts, 2004
  • Cryoburn, 2010
  • Captain Vorpatril 's Alliance, 2012

The plot of the novels does not match the chronological order of their occurrence. An overview of the chronological order can be found on the side of the cycle.

Barrayar anthologies

  • Barrayar: Cordelia's Honor, 2004, ISBN 3-453-52001-7, Shards of Honor & Barrayar
  • Barrayar: The young Miles, 2005, ISBN 3-453-52014-9, The Warrior 's Apprentice & The Mountains of Mourning & The Game Against
  • Barrayar: Dangerous Missions, 2005, ISBN 3-453-52090-4, Cetaganda & Ethan of Athos and Labyrinth
  • Barrayar: The Double, 2005, ISBN 3-453-52106-4, The Borders of Infinity & Brothers in Arms Mirror Dance &
  • Barrayar: The Revolt, 2005, ISBN 3-453-52122-6, Memory & Komarr
  • Barrayar: The Ambassador, 2006, ISBN 3-453-52127-7, A Civil Campaign & Winter Fair Gifts & Diplomatic Immunity

Curse of Chalion

  • Chalions curse, 2004, ISBN 3-404-20486-7, The Curse of Chalion, 2001
  • Paladin of Souls, 2005, ISBN 3-404-20505-7, Paladin of Souls, 2003 ( Hugo Award, Nebula Award and Locus Award )
  • In the Shadow of the Wolf, 2006, ISBN 3-404-20547-2, The Hallowed Hunt, 2005

The magic blade ( The Wide Green World )

  • The blades of light, 2007, ISBN 3-404-20571-5, Beguilement, 2006
  • The magic dagger, 2007, ISBN 3-404-20580-4, Legacy, 2007
  • Passage, 2008
  • Horizon, 2009

Single novels

  • The Spirit Ring. 1993