Lola B08/60

The Lola B08/60 is a standard developed by Lola and has been used for 2008 Le Mans prototype. It is a further development of the Lola B07/17.


The Lola B08/60 debuted in April 2009 at the Circuit de Catalunya. January Charouz and Stefan Mücke occupied immediately third place in the overall standings. At the season finale of the Le Mans Series at Silverstone, the team had risen to second place. Over the entire Le Mans Series 2008 season away Charouz / mosquito was toughest rival of the two factory teams from Audi and Peugeot and best Le Mans prototype with petrol engine. At the 24 Hours of Le Mans 2008 Lola reached, however, only the ninth.

During the year 2008 a total of two Lola B08/60 were manufactured and sold to Charouz Racing System. One of the two chassis sold the team at the end of the year to the Swiss Speedy Racing Team Sebah, which in turn started the car at Le Mans and the Le Mans Series in 2009. Speedy Racing in 2008 had experience with the lighter, but less powerful LMP2 Lola B08/80 variant collected. The second chassis remained with Charouz and was converted for joint work, use of Aston Martin to a Lola - Aston Martin LMP1 2009. This vehicle took part under the new name at the Le Mans Series and the 24 Hours of Le Mans. In the further developed by Prodrive and Lola racing cars still found the 6.0-liter V12 engine use, which was originally designed for the Aston Martin DBR9.