Lomax (auto)

The Lomax Motor Company is a British carmaker. The brand name is Lomax. The vehicles are kit cars based on the Citroën 2CV. Early 1980s was the kit in England and came over Holland in late 1989 to Germany. The design is reminiscent of the legendary Morgan Three Wheeler in the 1930s. A Lomax is usually an open roadster, which is driven entirely without a roof. In Lomax - Club Germany is still being debated today, whether it is " the " or "the " Lomax to say.


From an old 2CV, the body is removed and replaced them with the items of the kit. Before the cooling fan of the motor is still away, because the Lomax is cooled only by the wind. The original version is the one with three wheels ( two front, rear one). There are also those having four wheels. The model designations 223 and 224 are due to: 2 cylinders, 2 seats, 3 wheels or 2 cylinders, 2 seats, 4 wheels.

The Lomax usually has 29 hp, weighs about 450 kg, has two seats and comes to a top speed of 140 km / h The gas mileage is about 4-6 liters of Super per 100 kilometers. Some specimens are equipped with a motorcycle engine of Moto Guzzi. Also, there are optional instead of Citroën four-speed, a five-speed gearbox a Swiss manufacturer. This equips the original gear to professional standards.

The Lomax has gone since its development in England by many companies there. Currently the company Cradley Motor Works is from East Sussex his home. This company offers a further revised version of Lomax. In Holland you can get the Lomax at the company car Bouw service. In Germany the Lomax was to relate the Frenchman Automotive GmbH about the company, but his future became uncertain. The tricycle model 223 is hard to come by because of legislative changes. What will become of the four-wheel model 224, is not clear.

Lomax (1997)

Lomax 223 with Moto Guzzi engine

Lomax 223