Long-term care insurance

Long term care is in a group of social and ensures long-term care from risk. If the insured event a long-term care, the insurance provides cash or in kind, to ensure the necessary care in whole or in part. The services generally include both the stationary and home care.

A distinction between care insurance and ( voluntary ) supplementary care.

Among the long-term care systems in individual countries:

Since the introduction of care insurance in Germany in 1995, each person is residing in Germany obliged to hedge and the risk of care with their own insurance in addition to the risk of disease according to SGB XI. Each Statutory health insurance and any private health insurance has since been committed to offering a long-term care.

Long term care insurance is a voluntary, self - promoted or continued insurance pension insurance. It is a state care allowance under BPGG, and a family care leave to care for dying relatives and seriously ill children, which is also covered by the pension or health insurance. See also Home Care Act.

There is no explicit long-term care, this is part of the mandatory health insurance.

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