Longshore drift

As beach displacement of sediment transport is designated by the sea, by the loose material ( such as sand ) is favored by coast -parallel currents and sloping towards the beach gusting winds along the coast transported so that sand ridges, spits and sandy hook arise, typical features of a compensation coast.

From the prevailing wind direction waves are obliquely thrown on the beach, the water is running on the beach. Through the bottom friction, the water loses its momentum to a standstill. Under the influence of gravity, the water flows into Gefällsrichtung again.

Transported by the waters of sand grains follow the movement of water, they will run parallel in a zigzag motion wave after wave along the beach. In the current and wind shadow of islands it comes to the deposition ( accumulation ) of gravels and sands, are formed so-called sandy hook. Such sandy hook up after some time up to be elongated spits. If a Spit completely cuts off a bay that is created behind her a freshwater lake.

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