Lords of the Realm

Lords of the Realm is a computer game by Impressions Games from the year 1994. It is a genre mix of turn-based strategy and real-time strategy. The programmers were Simon Bradbury, David Lester and Chris Foster.


The game deals with the Kingdom of England, optionally also the Holy Roman Empire in the year 1268th The throne of the king is orphaned and nobles fighting over the throne. The player takes one of six nobles who disputes for power in the kingdom. He has his trading estate which he owns at the beginning of the game into shape, look after the welfare of his subjects, regulate agriculture, reduce raw materials, stimulate the economy, troops dig and build castles to defend. If these conditions are met, the player can take care of taking the enemy counties or lands by striking the enemy armies, occupying provincial capitals and besieged castles. The structure and working area, the player takes before turn-based, while field battles and sieges run in real time. Diplomacy and alliances are possible later, but you have all the princes out of the way to win the game.



  • PC player, Issue November 1994: 73%.
  • PC Games, December 1994: 72%.
  • Amiga Joker, edition 1/95: 65%.
  • PC Gamer, issue November 1994: 91%.


  • Lords of the Realm II ( 1996), Lords of the Realm II: Siege Pack (Add-on of 1997)
  • Lords of the Realm III (2004)